The Power of Stillness: Trusting in God’s Providence Amid Life’s Struggles

Exploring Spiritual Stillness in Christianity

In this article from 2020, I explore the spiritual concept of stillness, which I base on Christian teachings. Psalm 46.10a is my foundation: “Be still, and know that I am God.” I contend that we discover God in the stillness of our hearts, not in our anxious minds. I go on to say that in the biblical context, there are times when we’re supposed to act, such as when the Israelites faced Pharaoh’s army at the Red Sea, and other times when we’re supposed to be still and trust in God’s Providence.

Navigating Life’s Trials and Embracing Surrender

I delve into “stillness,” implying that it entails surrender or “dropping our arms” amid struggle or resistance. Consider the emotional and spiritual journey following a cancer diagnosis, from anger and grief to surrendering to God’s will, reinforcing that His grace is sufficient for all trials. I advocate prayer as a source of comfort and a remedy for anxiety.

Understanding God’s Subtle Providence

I go into more detail about God’s Providence, explaining that it doesn’t always involve apparent miracles but often works subtly through natural processes like our immune system. It’s like a domino effect that reveals God’s grand plan, which we can see if we practice stillness.

Cultivating Wisdom through Prayer and Faithfulness

Finally, I encourage my readers to cultivate wisdom about when to act and be still through prayer, live faithfully, and entrust the outcomes of their lives to God’s will.

If you would like to read this article in its entirety, please visit Preacher Pollard’s blog by clicking the link above. This article was my second post there in January 2020. I add new content there each Friday. Please visit Preacher Pollard’s Blog for more.


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