Thank you for visiting my blog! Here, you’ll find stories and content that embody the essence of “iyashikei” from Japanese culture.

“Iyashikei” is a genre of anime and manga designed to heal and soothe. Derived from “iyasu” (to heal) and “kei” (type), iyashikei features tranquil activities like gardening, cooking, and appreciating nature, offering an escape from the hectic modern world. My favorite iyashikei anime include “Non Non Biyori,” “Flying Witch,” and “Laid-Back Camp” for their calm atmospheres and gentle humor.

My blog aims to bring the soothing qualities of iyashikei to your everyday life. I share experiences from my life in small towns, where I find peace away from the bustle of big cities.

I also write about my journey with chronic illness and how I find moments of calm and healing amidst the challenges. Your patience and understanding mean a lot to me, especially on days when I struggle with my health.

Please check back regularly for new content. I hope my stories offer you a sense of peace and healing.