Healing Narratives Inspired by Iyashikei

Thank you for coming! Now, a word or two about the stories and content you can expect to find on “Have Keyboard, Wil Ramble.” If I had to pick just one word, it would be “iyashikei” from Japanese.

“Iyashikei” is a subgenre of anime and manga intended to heal or soothe the viewer. The term “iyashikei” comes from the Japanese verb “iyasu,” which means “to heal” or “to soothe,” and “kei,” which means “genre” or “type. Iyashikei stories frequently feature characters engaged in tranquil pursuits like gardening, cooking, or simply appreciating nature’s scenery. This subgenre has become increasingly popular as an escape from the hectic and stressful modern world. Regarding the latter, there tends to be no significant conflict or drama. The experience is life itself, so there is no need for a specific adventure. Iyashikei praises the beauty of ordinary life.

Given the differences between individuals, what seems healing to some might be boring to others. Thus, there might be some disagreement about which anime or manga belong. My favorite anime from this genre are “Non Non Biyori,” “Flying Witch,” and “Laid-Back Camp.” These works stand out for their atmospheric settings, thoughtful storytelling, and air of calm and tranquility. There is also a bit of comedy thrown in for good measure.

If my blog has an overarching theme, I’d like it to be something light that soothes and heals. Like the protagonist in some mangaka’s iyahshikei story, I have been privileged to live a life that exemplifies these qualities. The largest cities I’ve lived in averaged around 200,000 residents and have been, fortunately, few. Even though I enjoy looking at big city lights, I prefer to do so from the television screen in the peace of my own home.

Please keep checking back for new content. I will endeavor to add new content regularly. In one way, my life differs from that of the main character in iyashikei: I’ve dealt with the conflict caused by chronic illness and near-death experiences. As a result, I sometimes do well to get up and take proper care of myself for the day. You are especially welcome if you can bear with me patiently.