It may be a bit of shameless self-promotion, but I wanted to use this post to inform you of more substantial articles I contribute to the blog of my brother, Neal Pollard, every Friday. My brother began blogging on the WordPress platform back in 2009. Before that, he sent out devotional emails through the office of the church with which he labored. (The latter endeavor began in the late 1990s.) In 2016, my brother finally made a move to a personalized domain name:

During the week, my brother, Neal, is joined by sons, Gary, Dale, and Carl, in the publication of articles on Neal extended an invitation to his father and brother to join this effort as the Friday contributors. Unfortunately, our father has declined the opportunity, expressing his opinion that it is best left the “younger” folks. I might add that despite the absence of his articles, one sees the influence of our father in those of us contributing to this effort.

Although I post this to encourage you to read more of my work, I likewise ask that you read through the other contributors’ contributions as well. There is a search bar you may use to look for articles on just about any Biblical topic you could hope to find. The posts are all Bible-based and take an originalist approach to the Scriptures. (If you are familiar with arguments about the U.S. Constitution, then you may understand the implication of that last sentence. If not, by originalist, I mean that the articles come from an approach to the Scriptures that state that despite the passage of time and cultural changes, we must follow Biblical truth as revealed in the first-century world. Just because our society has become more immoral does not mean that God has changed His mind about issues like divorce or sexual immorality.)

Thank you so much for your attention and participation!