The author, Eddie Eclectic: He sports hot-blooded sideburns, not a mullet! Look at his forehead shine.

Let me tell you about “Eddie Eclectic.” As a kid, I loved reading reference books like encyclopedias and dictionaries. I was also a free-range child who only stopped moving to go to bed. I am fortunate that no one asked my parents to get me a prescription for Ritalin. Schools still permitted corporal punishment in my formative years, so my kindergarten teacher used a paddle daily to teach me to sit.

I wish I had been challenged academically…

I was relatively well-adjusted by the fifth grade, and the school tested me for the gifted program. But unfortunately, I missed gaining entry by one IQ point. As a result, I was not challenged academically and tended to skate through schooling. However, since I needed an outlet for my boredom, I turned to tomfoolery and could be something of a clown. I also developed a lack of self-discipline that still haunts me. Why study when school was so easy?

He rode a hobby horse…

I still enjoy learning new things and soaking up everything about topics garnering my attention. However, since I still retain the same attention deficit disorder, I hop from topic to topic. (Hence, “Eddie Eclectic.”) I have no doubts my writing reflects this, with me prattling on about a topic ad nauseum before abruptly moving on to something else. Please bear with me.

Why “Eddie Eclectic”?

I adopted the moniker “Eddie Eclectic” because Edward is my middle name, and my interests and knowledge are broad-ranging. Some of my interests include the humanities, psychology, and physiology. However, my most significant influence is my Christianity.

Otaku? What’s that?

I don’t watch much television, but I enjoy streaming options and subscribe to various streamers, including those featuring Asian dramas and Japanese anime. Dare I demonstrate my geekery?

It’s all good…

Given my medical history, my laundry list of health issues would be an evident topic to discuss. Fortunately, I believe God provides sufficient grace to see me through all challenges. Since I am a discloser, I will be open about these issues, but I will try not to be excessive in my medical discussions.    

Health and interest providing, I will endeavor to update the blog throughout the week.