Slice of Life

This blog advertises itself as “Just a Slice of an Ordinary Life.” But what is “slice of life?” Normally, one would turn to the good people of the Oxford or Merriam-Webster Dictionary. In this case, though, I think I will actually go with the tertiary source of the “Urban Dictionary.”

Still shot from the Servant X Service anime licensed by Aniplex. Servant X Service was created by Karino Takatsu.

User “williamazing12” defined “slice of life” as “a delicacy in many cultures. It is when you add a pinch of self confidence, a big bucket of self doubt, and many awful things every now and then. You put it in the oven, and voila!”* (In regards to “many cultures,” I can state that there is a genre within the manga and anime of Japan that is wholly dedicated to slice of life. Servant X Service, pictured left, was a slice of life manga and anime that centered around the lives of civil servants. The main female protagonist, Lucy, took the job to find and get revenge upon the civil servant who allowed her parents to give her the un-Japanese name of “Lucy.” She is surrounded by an interesting bunch of coworkers. There is a man whose family is comprised of civil servants. He develops a crush on Lucy. He appears to be a slacker, even thought that is not the case. There is another female character who only works to support her hobby. Lastly, there is a female employee who seems to attract the senior citizens that always find her in order to complain. Will Lucy find the civil servant with whom she is angry? Are there any surprises concerning the identities or relations of some of her coworkers? These are the types of things that can be pursued through slice of life.)

Thus, something qualifies as “slice of life” when it simply depicts the living of life from day to day. It includes everything from the mundane to the unexpected. What is the attraction of slice of life? It is true that it depends a lot upon the life under consideration. It may also rely upon the individual’s ability to convey his or her life with its rich tapestry of emotion.

Keep in mind that I am not promising much. After all, I let you know upfront that mine is just an ordinary life. 😉

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