About Me

“Brent, you should write a book.”

Believe it or not, I hear that statement often, even from professionals. When I say “professionals,” I am not referring to wordsmiths, but doctors. Even if you don’t possess the prognosticative prowess of the Amazing Kreskin, you may have already deduced, from my previous statement, that I have been told to write a book because of issues pertaining to my health. If so, then you are absolutely correct. I will borrow one of Stan Lee’s “No-Prizes,” minus the empty, collectible envelope, to give you.

I am certainly mortal, but, for some inexplicable reason, have been hard to kill, despite repeated attempts by disease and illness. Thus, I find this request to write a book amusing because it makes meĀ feel somewhat like a cockroach being asked to write his memoirs about surviving a nuclear bomb blast.

(Oh, by the way, I am a self-effacing person, much to the displeasure of friends and loved ones. I assure you, though, that it is not a lack of self-esteem, but, rather, a desire to avoid becoming too full of myself that I often make myself the butt of jokes.)

Those who share my faith have often likened me to great patriarch Job. In other words, they have told me that I provide such a great example of perseverance in suffering. *sigh* I love my Christian family dearly, and find strength in my faith. Even so, no one likes to hear that others think your purpose on earth is to show them how to endure hardships.

Frankly, I am clueless about what my purpose is. I just live life one day at a time. However, someone much wiser than myself once undertook the task of sifting through the vanity of life, proclaiming a man’s all to be respecting and obeying God. That is supposed to be the conclusion of one living nearly a millennia before Jesus Christ. (Yes, I am aware that many scholars believe the book to be written between 450 and 150 BCE. I am simply taking this author at his word, though, when he says he is Solomon.)

So, who am I to debate thisĀ  “preacher”? He was obviously an expert concerning the things he wrote. Even so, this is a personal blog that seeks to detail my own search for meaning in life. If you are able to profit from it, then I would be honored to hear your feedback.

Per aspera ad astra.