This is essentially a slice-of-life-type of blog (although there will be eclectic topics as well) centering on those things making me who I am.  As ridiculous as it sounds, people have been asking me to write much of the material to be contained within this site for years.

My site’s logo is something I call “The Hill Tree.” My name Brent is an Old English word meaning “steep hill” or “high place.” The silhouette in front is of a tree that has been pollarded. To pollard a tree is to cut it short in such a way that it can be utilized more often for things such as firewood. If you’ll note, the hill in the logo looks something like a “B” lying on its side, while I warped the tree so that it took on more of an appearance of the letter “P.” It is uniquely “Brent Pollard.”

As a chronically ill person, updates will only be as often as I am able to provide them. Thanks for understanding.

(My fictional writing and amateur art will eventually be hosted at eddie-eclectic.com.)